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Dean Washington's Family
Dean has lived all but a few of his 49 years in Port Coquitlam. He and his wife Brenda have been married 27 years and have three daughters; Megan, Riley and Courtney. Dean owns a publishing company in Port Coquitlam that produces automotive enthusiast magazines that are distributed across Canada.


He is proud to have served as volunteer chairperson and lead organizer of the city’s largest event, the Downtown PoCo Car Show, for the past 10 years and has enjoyed watching the event grow from a few thousand spectators to over 70,000 in 2014. He was also honoured when asked to chair/coordinate the city’s 100th Anniversary Home Coming Weekend in 2013 and says it “was a memory he and many others will never forget.”

Dean is seeking a second term to continue his focus on issues he has brought forward to: Improve the Road Infrastructure and Recreation Facilities, Ensure our Streets and Parks are kept clean, make certain the budget remains the highest priority and that citizens are receiving full value for their tax dollar.

Back to Basics

Prior to the last election I asked residents of Port Coquitlam what they expected for their tax dollars. The overwhelming response was to see City Hall do a better job of delivering the core services to address the city’s failing infrastructure, improve customer service and last, but not least, do so in a fiscally responsible manner.  Over the past three years, I have worked hard to keep your message top of mind with staff and council and am happy to report they are now the top three priorities of City Hall.

2011 PRIORITY: Road Network and Rec Facilities

Back to the Basics

  • Infrastructure made City’s Top Priority in 2013.
  • Washington appointed Chairperson of a new Infrastructure Committee which drafted a plan to replace the city’s aging assets that will mostly use existing capital funds for projects.
  • Supported new Artificial Turf Field at Gates Park completed 2013.
  • In final planning stages for Rec Centre, Centennial Pool, Terry Fox Library upgrades.

2011 PRIORITY: Clean up the City and Make it Safer


  • Received full commitment from top management to incorporate litter collection as core philosophy within the city.
  • 12 new Fire and Police staff over past three years. Port Coquitlam now ranks as one of the lowest crime rates in Metro Vancouver.

2011 PRIORITY: Return to Weekly Garbage Collection


  • Although an advocate for returning to weekly garbage collection, after seeing the advancements in the program through streamlining and education was convinced the current method is the most reasonable and economic way to proceed.

2011 PRIORITY: Customer Service and Fiscal Responsibility


  • Customer Service is now one of the City’s Top Priorities.
  • 2012-2014 combined tax increase of 5.6% (1.86% average increase per year).
  • Previous 3 year (2009-2011) increase of 16.55% (5.51% average increase per year).
  • Property Tax decrease of -.24% in 2014.


Mike Farnworth, MLA
“As a lifetime resident of Port Coquitlam, Dean has a long history of being involved in the community and business life of this city. He has been an excellent City Councillor and has my full support for re-election.”

Mike Farnworth, MLA
Port Coquitlam - Burke Mountain


Kayla Steele
“Dean is a valuable leader in our community. His dedication as both a volunteer and City Councillor have been a significant asset to our community. He has the passion, drive, and ability to lead our city and bring about growth and positive change.”

Kayla Steele, Executive Director
Downtown Port Coquitlam Business Improvement Association


Brad West
“I’ve worked closely with Dean on City Council to stand up for the issues important to our residents. He’s smart, hardworking and dedicated to making our community an even better place. With your support, together we’ll keep working to build a city all of our residents can be proud to call home.”

Brad West, City Councillor
Port Coquitlam


Brian Madaski
“Having known Dean all his life I knew he would be a tremendous advocate for the taxpayers of Port Coquitlam. I look forward to Dean continuing his hard work on behalf of the citizens of our city.”

Brian Madaski, Owner
Port Coquitlam Bowling Centre


Bruce Richardson
“Dean has proven to be an innovative and dynamic leader in our community; I welcome his re-election to Poco City Council.”

Bruce Richardson, Vice President
CUPE Local 561

2014 Council Responsibilities

  • Capital Infrastructure Committee: Chairperson
  • Community Safety Committee: Chairperson
  • Healthy Communities Committee: Vice-Chair
  • School District 43 Liaison Committee: Chairperson
  • Revenue Generation Committee: Member
  • Finance and Intergovernmental Committee: Member
  • Continuous Improvement Assessment Committee: Member

If these issues are important to you please consider supporting me on November 15, 2014.

Phone: 604.317.7045

Email: dean@rpmcanada.ca
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